The Disappearance OF DJ MCDEE



You are an apprentice palaeontologist based in Kent, working on a top secret project. Extinction Island is a man-made island, near to Mongolia, created especially to breed dinosaurs using old fossilised bones and a whole lot of science!

One day, you wake up to a frantic video message from your mentor, Professor McDougall, who lives and works on site at Extinction Island. The Dinosaurs have broken loose! He’s the only survivor and he needs you to access secret information, discover his co-ordinates and send help before its too late! Do you have the mental capacity to unravel the clues, save Professor McDougall and secure Extinction Island, before all is lost forever?

This is a 60 minute game (unless you’re a clever clogs!) and is suitable for all ages. It can be played anytime.


30 mins

Group Size