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Jail Break: There are no tunnels, just an area you will need to duck under as if crouching under a shelf. At all times you will be able to stand upright and spin around with your arms outstretched (it won’t help you break out though!)

The Diamond Dogs: The smallest space is similar to the inside of a Transit van. Otherwise, the rooms are around 8ft by 8ft. So unless you are 9ft tall you should be ok!

Temple Quest: This does have a smallish space, however if you make your lovely games host aware that you would like to avoid it, they will be able to bypass that section without you missing out on any of the fun!

Mega Bite
There is one tunnel-type space in this game, it’s not that small but you would need to go on hands and knees for it. However, we do have a walkaround option for this, so if you are concerned, please let your delightful games host know and they will take good care of you.

We aren’t midwives so we can’t give professional medical advice! However, if you feel happy to play whilst pregnant and feel that your incredible human growing body is capable, you are more than welcome! You are never officially LOCKED in any of our rooms, the doors are either emergency doors or easily releasable.

No! The door is an emergency door – so you may enter or exit your game at any point during the 60 minutes but the timer will not be stopped.

We recommend age 9 and above although any children age 13 and under will need to be accompanied in the game, by a responsible paying adult over the age of 18. The adult will count as one of the maximum six players.

No, unfortunately not. Due to the expense of our props and set we can’t allow drinks in the game. And please be advised anyone under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry to the game.

Our games are limited to 6 due to Health & Safety but mostly for the ultimate enjoyment factor. We find more than 6 is too many bodies for the space but also too many voices – you won’t get the most satisfaction out of the games. However, if you have a team of more than 6, you CAN book two different games to run at the same (or nearly the same) time as each other and race each other to get the best time and least clues.

Unfortunately, due to the live nature of our games and their popularity, we cannot allow late teams. If the team have arrived and one person is late, we can let them in a bit later but we can’t delay the start of the game for them. In the instance of a late team, please note no refunds will be given and no rescheduling. It is your responsibility to check your route and arrive in good time.

Aha! We like to keep this one a secret, but we promise you won’t be disappointed 😉

Yes, the games are limited to six. If you have booked for children age 13 or under, they will need an adult playing with them, who will count as one of the six players.

This is a live event game, and once booked we cannot accept any cancellations, reschedules or give any refunds under any circumstances.

No, our games are strictly limited to six, you can however book more than one game, split into teams and race for the best time and the least amount of clues.

Difficulty is subjective, some people are more brainy, some are more physically able and others are more observant. The average Escape time for each game is around 55 minutes and that’s with a few clues. We would recommend choosing the theme that interests you the most as they’re all pretty much the same difficulty.

No. Don’t fret, you won’t have to look foolish in front of strangers! Irrelevant of how many players you book for, it will just be you and your team in the room.

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