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The Creator



Tom is the maker; he designed and PAINTED our games. He is also the one, that made us get our act together and actually turn our imagination into a reality.


Tom is a man of many skills, he actually trained as an actor and although he has worked successfully in that field for over ten years, decided one job was not enough and has now become a successful theatre producer, a magician’s advisor and an award winning scare maze designer. Tom is one of those people who, when he has a project on, his brain is so active he rarely sleeps.. He can often be found, up planning illusions until the early hours of the morning, fortunately for us his wife is very forgiving ;) So although she has a zombie of husband we have skilfully designed and carefully created Escape Games. (Thanks Amanda!)



The Mastermind


Ben is the one who has created your trail of clues, he has spent hours concocting a web of intricate conundrums each leading to the next with a few TWISTS AND TURNS to keep you on your toes!


Ben graduated as an actor from Mountview Academy in 2010 and works successfully touring in various shows throughout the UK. Ben along with me, Katie (we’re married!) is a game addict, from card games, to board games, to Live Escape Games you name it; he has done it. Ben takes Clue trails very seriously and much to our amusement it has unfolded that he has tested and tried the trail of clues on his own in his bedroom (weirdo!)



The Wordsmith

Katie is the voice behind the words (right now… this is me… (Hellooo!) She has written pretty much anything you have read so far, as well as contributing to clue ideas, arranging press and publicity and will no doubt at some point be donning a pair of dungarees and painting some set!


Katie also trained as an actress, at LAMDA, and also works touring throughout the UK and is currently performing in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Interestingly it is because of Katie that the idea of Clue Cracker was born. She convinced Tom’s wife, Amanda, to go halves on a Christmas present for the boys; the present being an escape game… and thus, Clue Cracker evolved!!

Ben and Katie have so far played 85 games and have at least ten booked in, we are addicted!


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The Builder

Ish is new to the Team but has hit the ground running, he is handy with a hammer, scrupulous with a screwdriver and dandy with a drill! Ish has literally built Clue Cracker with his bare hands from the ground up, with the help of his nifty team of builders.


Ish, along with his wife Julia, owns both The (super trendy) Shuffle House, where Clue Cracker is now housed, as well as the unbearably cool St Johns Yard (right next door). He is a ‘yes man’ nothing is a problem and for that reason, these games are going to be as imaginative and creative as we can possibly manage!


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The Manager/Online games co-creator  


Becky, has been the manager at Clue Cracker since the very beginning.

She is a creative, funny, and meticulous games host (she gets the most Trip Advisor reviews) and she is one of the main reasons we remain a five star attraction.


Becky originally trained as an actor at Mountview Academy, and after a few years performing professionally she decided to move into event organising, until we nabbed her expertise to help man the Clue Cracker ship!


Becky tests all our games before they go live she also helped to create our award winning online games during lockdown. Her imagination, quick thinking and dedication make her a treasured member of the Clue Cracker team.


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