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We are throwing you in jail. You have committed a heinous crime and your punishment is life without parole. You will be imprisoned at Standfast Jail, Tunbridge Wells.


30 years ago, ex-prisoner Joseph Wendle attempted to escape Standfast Jail. Over the five years he was held there, he created an elaborate escape plan which, on July 23rd 1989, he executed right up until the final stage when he was caught red handed attempting to steal the Warden’s keys. Unfortunately, prisoner Wendle was transferred to a high security unit in Dover, but fortunately for you he has left a trail of intricate clues and codes to help lead you to freedom.


Come and visit us at The Shuffle House, Tunbridge Wells and battle your way through multiple themed rooms, searching for cleverly disguised clues and test your mental dexterity in the most exciting and creative escape game of 2019.


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Ticket prices


2 Players - £25 pp

3 Players - £23 pp

4 Players - £21 pp

5 Players - £19 pp

   6 Players - £17.50 pp  


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