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Whilst we are absolutely thrilled to be deemed safe to open, we are of course aware that the virus is still present and for that reason, we have decided to take some extra precautions to keep both our customers and our staff as safe as possible. Below you will find a list of precautions we are taking within the building and what we will expect of you on your arrival:



•We have limited our time slots for both games, meaning no team will cross paths or come into contact with anther team whilst visiting Clue Cracker.


•We have allowed an hour gap in between each game slot ensuring we can thoroughly disinfect and clean the games before the next team arrive.


•We have measured 2 metres and placed foot markers down to make it clear and simple for both Gamesmaster and players to keep their distance.


•We have installed a hand sanitiser on entrance to the building.


•Our staff will be wearing gloves and masks.


•Certain props may be bagged for a more thorough clean.


•We have temporarily stopped the use of the costume we normally provide for Jail Break.


•We also have the use of standard medical gloves should you wish to wear them during the game.



What we will ask of you on your arrival:



•Please arrive NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before your game.


•Enter through The Shuffle House restaurant and follow signs for your game and use of the toilet.


•We ask that you use the toilet and wash your hands for 20 seconds before your game.


•We ask that you sanitise your hands before and after your game.


•We ask that you keep 2 metres from your Gamesmaster (and they will do the same)


•We are happy for you to bring and wear your own face masks if you wish.


•There will be a location in the game where you can keep your property (bags, phones, etc.)